Animatio Review : Bonus

The following post was first published on : Animatio Review : Bonus

Animatio is a unique visual impact app which enables you to fix eyeballs to the page instantly… Forget changing themes, upgrading to the latest page builder or installing multiple plugins. Animation does it all… Just 1 click animates any element on any WP based page.

Your website has a lot to do in order to capture your visitor’s attention… which probably means ‘You Are Losing Money… But you can change that now. Loss of engagement means lost profits… How much are you losing?

Your website visitors have seen hundreds of pages like yours in the past year (or even months or days). They land on your page, and quickly scan… they scan the copy or content you worked so hard on, or spent a great deal of money on, only to leave as nothing grabbed their attention and made them take a closer look.

Their lack of engagement means that less people will see your message and your call to action, which results into a higher bounce rate… and fewer sales. In reality… You have just 6 seconds to transfix your visitors…

Research has shown that one of the best ways to grab attention is actually quite simple .. movement and animation draws and focuses Attention… It’s a human trait we can all use to our advantage.

Animatio works with every wordpress theme and page builder on the market! It’ll even bring boring free WP themes to life… in seconds. Once installed Animatio is instantly accessible from the WP top menu on all pages (No need to mess around with posts and pages in admin).

Animatio Review

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