WP Contentio Review | WP Contentio Bonus And Demo

Last month, I came across a business that had generated over $1M in eCom sales WITHOUT any FB ads (they were selling products in a market that wouldn’t allow FB ads!) Want to know how they did it? They did it using content marketing.

Duplicate their process by creating your own content – Content creation and marketing can be one of the BEST ways of generating FREE and ORGANIC traffic online, especially for long-term eCommerce businesses.

But creating content can be difficult and expensive. WP Contentio – a solution that just launched – helps convert YouTube videos into text-based content that you can use for :

  1. Blog posts
  2. Other videos
  3. Sales pages
  4. And more…

It works on a simple 3-step process : Source -> Spin -> Syndicate! So you can source YouTube videos that have many views and positive comments. Then just grab the text from these videos (automagically) and use in-built content spinner to make content unique. Post it on your site with affiliate links (or other CTAs to build a list).

Contentio overcomes all those hurdles and delivers a POWERFUL method to generate content on-the-fly! Because you can now do this by yourself – with 5-10 minutes of “work” every day…while you watch your favorite show on Netflix …while you watch sales coming into your eCommerce stores (WITHOUT spending a single dime on ads!)

One of the EASIEST ways to do this is grabbing product reviews from YouTube and converting them into blog posts. OR educational videos in your niche, converting them into blog post with a strong CTA.

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2hIvKec


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