Ultimate Banner Plugin Review | Ultimate Banner Plugin Bonus

You know that the key to making money on your website is building your subscriber list. And you know that to build your subscriber list, you’ve got to get people to opt in.

But did you know that double opt-ins are up to 70% more effective than single opt-ins? And that split testing further increases opt-ins by up to 69%? Here’s one to really knock your socks off : when double opt-ins and split testing are combined with pattern interrupt technology, you can see a subscriber increase up to 1375%.  That’s right, 1375%!

So does this mean you have to hire a designer and a developer to create your double opt-in, then embed the code onto your site, and work with an analytics expert to perform your split testing, then rehire the designer to tweak the opt-in offer based on the testing?

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That sounds exhausting…and expensive. What if I told you that you could do all this yourself, with one simple tool?  You can bypass all the hiring, and create customized opt-in offers yourself, quickly and simply. You can track what’s working, make site-wide changes in an instant, and choose which offers go on which pages.

The Ultimate Banner Plugin offers all this and more, putting you back in control of your offers, banners, sidebars, and opt-ins. Whether you’re an experienced affiliate or a newbie blogger, the Ultimate Banner Plugin is the easy, low-cost way to grow your list and increase your sales.

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