EZ Spokesperson Creator Review | EZ Spokesperson Creator Bonus

If you’re not using real live humans in your videos, you’re leaving money on the table! Human interaction is vital when trying to convert a website visitor into a lead, or a lead into a sale.  How many of you would buy a car from dealer who had a poster-board with an automated voice behind it?  None of us!  It’s the same concept online and can be the difference in grabbing that sale or not.

The problem is, you hate being on camera and it can cost an arm and a leg to hire someone and get a nice video produced. So how do you get that human element into your videos and AVOID all of the headache?  Your answer is EZ Spokesperson creator. With this first-of-it’s-kind software you can:

  1. Choose from dozens of professional spokespeople across dozens of ecommerce niches
  2. Insert any image behind any spokesperson to make it unique to that product
  3. Edit lower third graphics to show a specific product names and contact information
  4. Add background music to set each promotional spokesperson apart even more.
  5. And have a finished HD commercial literally in a matter of seconds!

And it’s so easy to use.  All of the customization options above are literally point, click, and produce.  It’s all cloud based so you don’t have to download or install anything.  You can literally get EZ Spokesperson Creator today and have the complete tool-set to produce product specific commercials for yourself, or for re-sale tomorrow (or sooner!).

If you’ve been wanting to get better results with video online without the hasel of hiring actors or video people EZ Spokesperson Creator is your answer…

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2gNTkls


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