Bolt Publisher Review | Bolt Publisher Bonus And Demo

If you haven’t yet heard about Facebook Instant Articles then here is what you need to know. Right now BIG companies such as New York Times, Mashable and HootSuite are using Instant Articles. Why?  Because they WORK!

Here are the results that HootSuite recorded in a recent test of this new platform :

  1. 37 percent increase in reach
  2. 22 percent increase in shares
  3. 83 percent increase in Likes
  4. 57 percent increase in link clicks

Facebook is favouring this new feature and companies who use Instant Articles are seeing big increases in traffic, leads and reach.  An Instant Article is like a normal article except it’s hosted on Facebook. That means that the article itself loads immediately. It’s super fast!

PLUS you can customize Instant Articles you create to look how you want them to. You can add videos, images, Opt-in forms and links. They are an excellent option when it comes to generating more traffic.  Here is the problem though : You can’t create an Instant Article. You can’t!

Unless you are a developer or you have a development team working for you it’s near impossible to use this new feature in Facebook. Well it was until now! Recently a new software got approved by Facebook and it’s the first easy ‘Instant Article’ creator on the market.

This software allows you to effortlessly create Instant Articles in minutes without a developer or any technical knowledge. I’ve been so impressed with this software that I went out of my way to create a really special package for you.

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