EmailDyno Review | EmailDyno Bonus And Demo

I still see marketers and entrepreneurs freaking out about the email campaigns they send. One of the most common complaints is that they’re getting a very high amount of people opening their emails, but a very small number are actually clicking through to their landing pages.

Even though 40%-50% of subscribers everywhere are opening marketing emails, only 1% – 2% of them are clicking links inside. So, what’s a click-through rate? Basically it’s a percentage of the people on your email list that actually clicked a link in one of  your email campaigns.

I mean, that’s the most important metric isn’t it? If 100% of people opened your email, and no one clicks through to your landing pages, sending an email to a large list doesn’t mean a thing. So the plan is to make your emails more like your landing pages, right?

We know that there are things you can do to increase your landing page conversion rates. But what can we do to do the same for our emails? You could spend thousands on copywriters and hope that their power of persuasion works for your brand. But you have to continue to hire them for each email you send…and that gets expensive!

>> Read More About EmailDyno In Our Review

EmailDyno is a set of power tools for email that will do wonders for getting folks engaged and primed to take action on your links. Think about this : if the only thing you change about your email performance is the  percentage of people who click your links, what will that do for your bottom line?

Double or triple your email click-through rates and you double or triple your income! If you could use:

  1. Amazing Countdown Timers to create scarcity and urgency,
  2. Engaging Video Overlays to get more video views, and
  3. Mind-bending Personalize Images to connect with your audience, directly inside of your emails, your subscribers will be much more likely to click on your email links.

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