OneSoci 2.0 Review | OneSoci 2.0 Bonus And Demo

A new app called OneSoci 2.0 just launched and it’s, hands down, the best and most powerful marketing suite I have seen yet for Facebook. It lets you do pretty much everything you need to manage your pages and groups, generate content, build your list, design images and more.

It even has Facebook Ads API integration so you can create and run your entire ad campaigns in 1 dashboard. OneSoci 2.0 is packed with features that could sell individually as a standalone apps, but you get it all in 1 place:

  1. Content finder: find targeted, high quality video, image and text content using your chosen keyword to automatically post on your social media accounts
  2. Social Media Poster: Post & share content to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest automatically, immediately or scheduled in the future.
  3. One-click optin: simply tick the box to enable this option and when a user clicks on your Facebook post and then clicks “ok”, their FB info is captured and added to your OneSoci dashboard.
  4. Post designer: Design your posts with the in-house image editor and post directly to your social media accounts
  5. Facebook Cover photo designer: Design your cover photo and post it directly to your page from the app, also see how it would look on your page even before you post it
  6. Facebook Ads API approval and integration: Design, target & publish your FB ad campaign directly from the app, with advanced targeting through flexible specs! This has been fully approved by Facebook so has full ads API access. Customers will love having all their FB marketing in 1 dashboard, including for the first time ever, FB ads!
  7. \Social scheduler: ‘set and forget’ your contest posting with a detailed social scheduling, for all your social media accounts
  8. Ad designer: design ads with the built-in image editor, or use external integrated apps like Youzign. Included ready made ad templates
  9. Post analytics: see how your latest post is performing and make detailed marketing decisions accordingly
  10. Cover photo preview: check out what cover photo is displayed on any of your pages, edit it, change it…whatever you need
  11. Active Ads reporting: Keep track of your active ads, how they are performing and more
  12. Templates: built in templates to use in your ads, posts, cover images etc
  13. …and loads more!

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