Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 Review And Bonus

Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 is the third version of what’s already a hugely successful course. Justin’s updated it with all the latest YouTube changes.  Some of them as recent as a month ago – NO other course is as up-to-date as this one which means this is your best option for getting started in what’s probably the best traffic source available today.

And because it’s the third version, Justin’s packed a lot in like:

  • How to get $100 cashmoneydollar of advertising credit… just for signing up to run YouTube ads (yes, they want you this much!)
  • How to master YouTube Video Ads in the shortest possible time (…and we’re talking hours, not months or years).

  • How to avoid the embarrassing “Rookie Mistakes” that even experienced marketers make when setting up a YouTube Channel for long term profits. 

Sounds interesting?  We’re not even half done :

  • Why most YouTube marketers are 100% wrong in the way they use YouTube ads… (including, the one kind of ad that will BREAK your campaign if you use it!)

  • How to avoid being a “paid traffic sucker” by using the one kind of ad that WON’T BREAK your campaign, or put your marketing budget at risk. 

  • Why some people get their accounts banned… (getting banned sounds scary, but the only frightening thing is how easy it is to make sure it doesn’t happen to you—find out how in Module #9.)

  • The “unwritten” YouTube rules you may already be breaking.

  • Access the highly prized, closely guarded templates, formulas and strategies shared only by a closed community of YouTube Ad success stories.
  • How to get FREE Ads!

  • Why everything you thought you knew about YouTube Ads changed in 2016 (and why the 3.0 update is our most explosive training yet!)
  • How to earn significant profits from so-called “tricky” platforms and services like CPA, e-com, Shopify, local and physical markets and more…
  • PLUS! The “HOLY GRAIL” of video ads! A.K.A, the easy way to get 0.01c-0.03c clicks consistently… (And it’s not just cheap clicks, but crazy-cheap leads too…) 

This course is PACKED with information which is why it fully deserves the price tag.  But right now, you can get it at a huge discount here – Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 Review

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