WP Traffic Up Review | WP Traffic Up Bonus And Demo

A new plugin called WP Traffic UP just launched. Now, as visitors attempt to exit your site, any page you choose (even if you don’t own the site) will slide in using one of the 9 built-in animations. What makes this unique and not like any other “exit intent” type software out there is that not only can visitors see a full page, but that page can even have an autoplay video on it.

This is the ONLY software that I know that has this kind of technology, they call it “Autoplay Ready”. Since many sales pages use autoplay videos, this is perfect. So here’s how you make money using this plugin…

You choose a page on your site (or you can use it site wide) and place an affiliate link to an offer based on the content of that page. When a visitor goes to leave that page,  the offer sales page will slide in.

So imagine writing a product review and if people don’t click through, they will be shown the anyway and even be cookied if they don’t buy then, but anytime in the future. This is powerful stuff with a ton of potential.

When you purchase WP Traffic Up plugin you also get access to their private Facebook group where they talk about other strategies to make money using the plugin.

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2cCc5t3


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