1ClickWP Review | 1ClickWP Bonus And Demo

WordPress can be a tricky animal. Anyone who’s ever had 2 or more plugins conflict with one another.. Will tell you the same thing. As WordPress sites grow over time, they become more complex. And as you invest more heavily into your arsenal of WordPress plugins & themes, you need a place to store them all.

A place that lets you instantly deploy any theme or plugin you’ve ever purchased, onto any 1 of the many  sites you manage. That place is a web app called 1ClickWP! Here’s what I used to do when I had to set up a new WordPress site:

  1. Choose new site name
  2. Buy domain & set the nameservers to my IP
  3. Add my domain name into WHM
  4. Download latest WP distributive on my hard drive
  5. Upload newest WP files to server via FTP
  6. Set up MySQL DB via cPanel
  7. Assign user rights (permissions) to allow the user the access
  8. Connect WP to DB 
  9. Enter the details
  10. Run the install & add plugins + themes
The tenth step is the most time consuming. Each plugin & theme can take a while to set up. I no longer have to do it ‘the hard way’ because 1ClickWP does it all in just 3 ez clicks. It’s a WordPress control center with a stupid-simple management panel that even a 4 year old could understand with no stress. This WP site manager sets you backup, restore and even clone whole sites & even separate themes + plugins. It’s amazing.

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2clag3H


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