[REVIEW] Groove Animator Review | Groove Animator Bonus

Whiteboard video apps made line-based animations hot. But did you know that most people use Whiteboard videos ineffectively. Studies show that when we see a hand draw something our brain tells us we’re doing the drawing and our brain releases Dopamine into our system because that’s what it does when we are doing something creative. Dopamine makes us feel good.

Whiteboard and Doodle videos almost always do this at the WRONG TIME. When do you want the viewer to feel good? When you’re telling them the problem (at the beginning of the video) or later on in the video when you’re telling the about your product  or trying to get them to take action?

Most people squander the Dopamine effect…by the time they get to the part of the video where they are making the key sales pitch — the viewer has already gotten used to the Dopamine in their system and it no longer has the best impact.

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That’s why smart video creates WAIT to use hand drawn doodle drawings in their videos until the right time and that’s why we need animation effects that go with the Whiteboard videos without actually having the hand drawing the images and text. We need animations that keep our viewer’s engaged until we can use the Dopamine effect to maximum potential!

Well now there’s an amazing and fun new animation app that can do just that — it’s called Groove Animator. Groove Animator creates line or stroke-based animations that are a great compliment to Whiteboard videos. It’s a new and fresh animation that will re-engage your viewers.

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