ScopeLeads Review – Bonus And Demo

Scopeleads has become an integral piece to my client outreach approach. The powerful tool is not only a major time-saver in cold emailing, but the platform provides you with valuable analytics to ensure you are maximizing your KPI’s such as open rates & link clicks.

I was a little sceptical when I first saw ScopeLeads advertised. I’ve never done any cold emailing before, as I associated it with spam. But, I needed a new way of generating leads for my business, so I decided to do a fair bit of research into cold emailing. It turns out that it’s a pretty big business!

Scope Leads is great I’ve sung it’s praises to the rafters. Love it. ScopeLeads Elite Community is like having a team of mentors with the big guy watching over and helping from time to time. Iron sharpens iron. I’m impressed that such a young owner cares so much about his users have to say. Scopeleads is always taking suggestions and making it better. There have been at least 5 major upgrades just since I joined about 2 months ago.

The cool thing about the group too, is that when one comments with suggestions that they’ve found helpful others pitch in with their ideas and sometimes it leads comments and additions by Lior which makes it even better. I wish other software vendors did this.

I highly recommend this to any business who is looking to optimize their cold emailing campaigns. Thank you Lior & the rest of the Scopeleads team for this powerful, powerful tool.

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