Lead Lock Pro Review – LeadLock Pro Bonus And Demo

A brand new lead genearation software called ‘Lead-Lock and whitelabel list building training just went live! So what is LeadLock and why is it so special? LeadLock is a cloud software that allows you to create new ‘value first’ optin lead- magnet forms… that in tests, have beat regular, boring popups & squeeze pages by 236%!

How it works :

  1. First, log into the cloud software and upload your PDF or leadmagnet to the software.
  2. LeadLock then allows you to ‘lock’ specific pages of your lead magnet asking users to subscribe to get access to the ‘locked’ section.

Lead lock pro allows you to give away value upfront separating yourself from the crowd and creating curiosity .. then capture warmed subscribers as they dig through your leadmagnet at an insane conversion rate. Just some of the features include:

  1. Add ‘viral lockers’ which ask the visitor to refer your lead magnet to other email addresses to drive traffic
  2. Follows the ‘Ryan Deiss rule’ of making your lead magnet appear high-value w/ the locking features inside … as oppose to just some content on a blog.
  3. Instantly reveal the ‘locked’ part of the leadmagnet page after they subscribe … no lost conversions due to visitors thinking they may have to check their email for the rest, like what would happen w/ a regular 2-step optin.
  4. Add video, custom HTML, CTA, webinar, & more lockers too
  5. Works on all browsers, phones, & all doc. types.
  6. Plus much more ….. 

And you’ll get a 13 detailed module traffic & list building course if you get the developers rights that comes with full white label rights to allow you to sell of give away, too!

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2btoAYe


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