InstantAzon Review | Instant Azon Bonus And Demo

I know you probably read a lot of hyped articles telling you about the next big thing, so I’ll not insult your intelligence by telling you this is the greatest thing I have ever seen. However, what I will tell you is I’ve never see an Amazon store builder build a complete Amazon based store as fast as this.

With InstantAzon it’s possible to build a fully functional professional level store in a matter of minutes. Also, with the unique ‘instant monetization’ feature it is possible to monetize ANY site in a matter of seconds. This really is the fast way to generate multiple income streams I have ever seen and you simply have to check this out!

Instant Azon wordpress plugin features :

  • Simple to Install WordPress Plugin : Just browse for the plugin from your WordPress admin and click ‘Activate’ – That’s it!
  • Build Your Products in Seconds : Simply add in your own details from the very simple to use admin panel within your WordPress website in seconds.
  • Fully Customizable Display Settings : Choose exactly how you would like your products to be displayed! Colors, fonts, gradients, shadows, borders, buttons, links, rows and columns.
  • Generate as Many as You Need : You can generate as many product widgets as you need for as many websites as you like.
  • Display on Any Website : Once you have generated your product widget you can display it on any WordPress or HTML website that you choose.
  • Highly Targeted Results : You can target all your products on any search term you choose, or even just choose a specific category from our popular categories.
  • Amazon Retargeting Included : Yes, you will have the weight of Amazon behind you as they will automatically retarget your customers to increase conversions. 

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